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Cat 5 Cable Tester

There are numerous products on the market that work as a cat 5 cable tester. They vary in price from as little as $90 up to almost $300. Depending on the model you purchase they can locate things like miss-wires and splits, audible pass, visual pass, display the distance to the open or short, spit pair range, single ended tests, testing Ethernet Coax, Testing 568A and 568B, Shield continuity, direct error indication, test patches, and stores NVP values.

Owning a cat 5 cable tester can greatly reduce the frustration you could suffer when you are trying to find various errors. Certain kinds of cabling issues IT administrator testing a network cable with a cat 5 tester.are very hard to detect without a cat 5 cable tester and you could spend hours trying to locate them. However if you didnít want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a tester there are a few other options available to you.

You could create a very simplistic version of a Cat 5 cable tester in your very own home. If you build a simple circuit board with a few lights attached to it you can at least test which cables are currently working. The LED lights will light up for each set of wires that are working. This will significantly reduce your search area and the time youíll have to spend searching for problems. Thus eliminating your need for an expensive cable tester.

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