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Types Of Cat 5 For Outdoor Use

In general there are no specific types of cat 5 for outdoor use. They are not made for this purpose although they are often used in this way. There are many ways that you can make the process of running cables outdoors safer. It is generally used outdoors tracked along the side of a building or suspended in midair in between two structures.

You need to remember that it doesn’t matter which types of cat 5 for outdoor use you decide to use. You have to remember that they can only be used to a maximum of 300 meters without a hub. If you need to use cat 5 cables outside you should try and run them through a conduit to prevent elemental damage such as moisture, lightning, dirt, and dust.

When you are selecting your types of cat 5 for outdoor use you should ensure that you use thin-net cables. It is also a good idea to bury the cable that you have to run outside if that is at all possible. However it should be noted that there is no standard to running wires outdoors and it is recommended that you do not do so.

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