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Crimping A Patch Cable

It is often easier to purchase your cat 5 cable ready to go it is sometimes necessary for crimping patch cable based on custom or unique work. When you need to crimp patch cables it is important that you purchase a high quality crimping tool that will fit with all standard RJ45 connectors.

The first step in crimping patch cables is to strip away the top one inch of the protective plastic sleeve that surrounds the wire. While you are doing this, you need to be careful not to damage or nick the wire. After you have completed this you need to arrange the wires in compliance with either the 568A or 568B wiring standards. You will need to untwist the wires and flatten them until there is little or no space in between each cable and slide them to the back of the connector.

You will need to trim the wires back to one half inch from the top of the plastic protective sleeve. Then with your crimping tool apply firm pressure until the plug is completely crimped. You can use your crimping patch cable for many things including running a router, a switch, or as the beginning of a network.

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