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How To Crimp A Cat 5 Cable

There are nine steps involved in the process of how to crimp cat 5 correctly. The first step you must take is to skin the plastic cable protective sleeve one inch insuring that you do not accidentally cut or nick the cables. Next carefully untwist each pair of cat 5 cable and straighten each of the wires gently between your two fingers.

The next step involves bringing the crimped cat 5 cables together in the proper orders. The correct order for the crimp cat 5 cable is white/blue, white/orange, white/green, or white/brown. Grip the sorted crimp cat 5 cables together and cut all of the wires at a ninety degree angle approximately half an inch from the bottom of the plastic cable protector. You should use a sharp Exacto knife or a pair of scissors for this step because the crimp cat 5 cable needs to be cut perfectly or the cables won’t align properly.

Now gently insert your crimp cat 5 cable into your connectors at a ninety degree angle with the pins facing up. You will need to apply a minimal amount of pressure to ensure that all of your wires have reached the base of the connector. You also need to ensure that the plastic cable protector enters the connector slightly or the cable won‘t function properly and the how to crimp cat 5 project will not be effective.

To finish the how to crimp cat 5 project simply place the connector into your crimping tool and squeeze the handle until it reaches it full swing. There are many things you should take into consideration when you are crimping cat 5 cables. You need to ensure that you have the proper conductors; The solid conductor and stranded conductor are very different and need to be used with a specific plug.

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