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Making A Cat 5 Cable

The process of making cat 5 cable isnít as complex as it sounds. There are only six fairly straight forward and simple steps that you will need to follow. The cables you will be making can be used to connect several computers together to create your own local area network. If you decide that you are going to be making cat 5 cable by yourself there are some easy measure you can take to simplify the task. You can purchase Cat 5 wire in an easy to use reel box package. Buying the wire this way ensures that when you are pulling the wire out, it wonít get twists in it. If you are going to purchase the cable packaged another way you should be aware that cutting the cables will be a two person task.

The first step in making cat 5 cable is to cut a piece of cable to the desired length. You should use a sharp Exacto knife or a pair of scissors to make the cuts. You should also keep in mind when you are measuring for making cat 5 cables that you cannot have a cable that exceeds 330 feet.

The next step you need to take when making cat 5 cables is to strip one end of the plastic protector using a blade or a stripper knife. You should strip off approximately one half inch of the plastic protector. After you have finished stripping your wire, check to ensure that you havenít damaged the wire by inflicting small nicks or cuts in it. Untwist the sets of wires into your preferred arrangement. Using your fingers gently flattens the wires until there is little or no space left in between them. To complete your task of making cat 5 cable gently insert the wires into a RJ45 plug until only the protective plastic jackets are visible with the clip facing down and away for you.

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