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What Is Cat 5 Cable?

Defining what is Cat 5 wiring is a difficult task for your average person. Although many people have heard about Cat 5 wiring , most of them have no idea exactly what it is. Cat 5 stands for Category 5 wiring, which is currently top of the line. It was created to surpass the Cat 3 wiring which could only handle 10 Mbps. The Cat 5 wiring also supports sound frequencies up to 100 MHz. Category 5 cables can handle up to 100 Mbps, almost 10 times that of regular Cat 3 cables. The cabling has 4 twisted sets of copper wires which connect to RJ45 connectors.

The reason that many people ask what is cat 5 wiring is because theyíve heard of the Cat 5 patch. The Cat 5 wiring patch is a method used to greatly increase the capabilities of the Cat 5 wiring. When you have patched a Cat 5 cable , making it effectively more twisted you can achieve almost 10 times the power, a whooping 1000Mbps. This allows for a much greater information transfer rate which is how technologies like high speed internet were formed.

Itís no wonder that Cat 5 wiring is such a hot topic considering the many uses for it. Cat 5 wiring is used in Ethernet internet, cables, telephones, and even some outlets. There are literally hundreds of uses for the wiring. Category 5 wiring and the technologies that are springing up from it are the wave and the future and itís clear that this is the reason why so many of us are asking what is Cat 5 wiring.

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