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Wiring Phone Cables With Only Two Sets Of A Cat 5 Cable

When you are using cables to wire phone cables you will notice on the phone wiring diagram below that they generally have only two sets of wires. You can save a lot of money and time by installing your own phone lines. The first set of wires are green and red; the second set being black and yellow. Theses colors are standard for stranded wires inPhone wiring diagram using cat 5 cables. compliance with 568A wiring standards.

When you are using the phone wire diagram you should ensure that you only use the 568A wiring standard. It is a much more effective wiring method for capturing audio and voice transfers. When you are using the phone wire diagram you will need to make slight modifications based on how many phone lines you are planning on having. It is always a good idea to run one extra phone cable then you are planning to use incase of future improvements or modifications.

When using the phone wire diagram you should avoid splitting cables. If it is unavoidable ensure that you are using a proper splicing tool and not just peeling or twisting the cables as this will greatly reduce their transmissions. You should also avoid running external phone wires whenever possible and should instead run them through the walls.

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